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Certifications - Who, What, Why

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Let's get into this - it's not a complicated topic.

  1. Public agencies (government) and private companies attempt to spend money with various types of businesses - minority or woman-owned business, veteran-owned businesses, etc.

  2. Businesses that are interested in selling goods (i.e. selling supplies) or services (i.e. providing consulting services) have to prove that they are diverse.

  3. The government agencies and certain private organizations provide this proof in the form of certifications for diverse businesses that meet certain criteria. Many of the certifications are free, but there is a cost for some of the private certifications.

  4. The certifications are only useful if you plan to do business with government agencies or private corporations. In general, they are not worth the time or effort if your customers are private citizens and not other organizations.

If you're interested in certifications, here are a couple of the options:

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

National Minority Supplier Development Council

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

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