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Debt is Either a Tool or a Symptom

Debt is only bad if it keeps you from doing the things you really want to do with your money. Debt is a tool or a symptom.

If it’s a tool, then you’ve decided to use debt as leverage to obtain something that really, truly matters to you. You’ve made a conscious choice that debt is a means to a particular end, and it’s worth the total cost (including interest, fees and hidden costs). Debt is a tool that can (and I believe, should) be leveraged to achieve education, homeownership and investment opportunities.

`If it’s a symptom - then what is your real problem? Are you spending because you don’t make enough to cover necessities? That’s an income issue and we can deal with it. Or are you choosing to be in debt? Either way, no judgment.

I’m on one about this because I know you have feelings about your debt. And I need you to stop it. Your debt doesn’t have any feelings, it’s not mad at you. Your debt doesn’t make you a good or bad person, a smart person or an idiot. Your debt represents a decision you made a while ago. If you don’t like it, please make a different decision - now. But stop beating up Past You for the decisions she made. It’s old, it’s tiresome and it’s not helping Future You make better decisions.

Now - if you want to eliminate your debt, you need a plan:

If you want a little help getting started, send me a message and I’ll schedule a free consultation with you!

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