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Occasionally, I'm going to deviate from our regularly scheduled programming of Black business education and empowerment into some personal passions. One of those personal passions is children. I wouldn't say I like children, but, as Whitney pointed out - they are our future. I'm going to use my platform, such as it is, to advocate and support causes that move me. And the YMCA of the Triangle, and their Scholastic Support Centers is one of those causes. If you are willing to support the YMCA and specifically, the Durham YMCA, please donate.

Here's the Story:

We’re all family here, let’s be honest.  While the pandemic has inconvenienced many of us, it has devastated others. Some of us have had to change how we work, and make concessions in our lifestyles, but some of our neighbors have had their livelihoods completely eliminated. We continue to say we’re “in this together”, but in reality, this pandemic didn’t hit us all equally and the least among us seem to be carrying the load.

This leads us to the kids. In this “new” world, parents need a safe place to send their children while they work. And the YMCA of the Triangle and the Durham YMCAs are offering Scholastic Support Centers, as a safe place for children to complete their virtual learning. But there is a cost associated with the support centers - $4,500 per child, per semester.  And this is where WE come in!  I’d like for us (me and you, ya mama and your cousin too…) to sponsor ONE child this semester. I’d like for us to relieve the burden on ONE family and make it possible for ONE child to attend free of cost.  So I’m asking a BIG ask…

If you could donate $50, that would be good, if you could donate $100, that would be better.  Maybe dig into the vacation fund a little (you’re not going anywhere for a while) or maybe in your “fun” fund (don’t you bake bread for fun now?) and donate whatever feels right. Since we’re in this together, I think this would be a GREAT way to show it.

My dog in the fight? I’m got a special place in my heart for the YMCA of the Triangle and especially the Durham YMCA. The Y has given my daughter and me opportunities and experiences that we’ll both treasure for life. So, this is my (very) small way of thanking the Y and passing those experiences on to someone else.

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