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Face Yourself, Face Your Finances

One of the things that I teach in the Empower Financial Group is being honest with YOU. You can lie and front for the rest of us and look good on the Gram, but when you pull your wig off at night, the only person there is you. I created this group so that you can be as open and as transparent as you choose to be and face your finances. And not the “I can pay my bills, so I’m good” level of finances, the “I know where I will be financially in 5 years and God willing and I’ve got a plan to get there” level finances. Facing your finances requires that you look past your immediate situation and develop a plan for the future. And it’s not hard to do. But it does require that you be brutally honest with the man (or woman) in the mirror. So here is my moment of transparency for y’all…

I learned in my early 20s that if money hits my hand or bank account, I am unable to keep it. It disappears and I lack the discipline to do anything about it. I have no shame about that because once I realized it, I also realized how to address it. I don’t have any money. Every payday, I move all my money into places where it achieves my priorities and whatever I have left is mine to spend...which is usually very little. If you’re out with me, and I say I’m broke...I really mean it. I mean that I don't have any available cash to spend until my next payday. This is my version of a budget.

When I run out of money in between paydays, I can either go into an account allocated to something else or use credit. And I do (more than I'd like to admit), but it means that I’m hustling backwards. It means I'm putting my long term priorities aside for something that may or may not be worth it. Some folks use envelopes with cash, others use apps to tell them when to stop spending. Facing your finances means figuring out what is going to work for you and applying it consistently. It’s a process, but the man (or woman) in the mirror is worth it!

We'd love for you to be a part of the Empower community! Join our Facebook group for free personal finance tips or check out the Face Your Finances webinars for a little more guidance. See you soon!

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