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New Generational Wealth

Some of our ancestors weren’t permitted to read, write, buy property, be prosperous and that affects our community every day. The concept of generational wealth is relatively new to us - because we started at a 300-400 year disadvantage here. Even so, I believe that we’ve missed some of the concepts behind generational wealth. Some of it isn’t what they left you, but how they left you. Some of it is the position that they put you in to move forward. And some of it is the position that you leave for your family moving forward.

I sincerely hope that each of us has an opportunity to leave an inheritance, a boatload of money and assets for our families. But even if we don’t, we should leave them in a better place than they were before. There should be more knowledge, better decisions, more increase in their future because of what we’re doing right now. Generational wealth comes in forms other than cash - our ancestors left us with wealth that doesn’t live in the bank. Let’s keep that going…

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