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Lessons From The Ride: Encouragers

Look for the encouragers... That lady that says that there is NO reason why you can't do 20 miles because you've already done 14...she's lying to you but she's not wrong. There are 100 reasons you can't do 20 miles... You didn't eat or hydrate properly, your gears are acting funny, etc., etc...but she doesn't know that and she doesn't look like she cares... Look for the folks that believe in you, but more importantly, look for the folks that don't want to hear your EXCUSES. The ones that see potential and ignore your foolishness. Listen to THOSE people and block out the rest. She says you can, and she believes it... So maybe she's right..

Also...that constant feeling that you're gonna throw up... That's fear. Fear that you can't finish, fear that you're slowing everyone down, fear that you're gonna fall... fear is a motivator and a mind killer. Figure out how to use it to keep going. Also don't throw up.

#dontthrowup #fearisamotivator #hydrate #lookfortheencouragers #excusesare #choosingme

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