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Toddlers & Cars

A quick note about this video...

I hear some wild stories about what people do with money. The point of Empower is to learn from one another - without shame. I share stories of my embarrassing money moments, or stories that others have shared. But I hope you'll focus on the lessons, the logic and the emotions around money management. We can't do that if we're too embarrassed to share. So, the names and situations have been remixed to protect us all - but I hope you'll continue to share. Empower is a safe place for that. We can't fix it if we can't face it.

This video is about buying cars - but it's not really about buying cars. What we do with our money is rarely about money. It’s usually tied up in how we feel, what our experiences are, what triggers us…the things we do with money really represents how we feel about something else.

When a toddler throws a tantrum, we might ask if they are tired, if they have eaten, if their schedule has been interrupted. We hope that there is a reason for the bad behavior, so that we can address the cause - not just the symptoms. It’s the same way with handling money. One (small) part of poor money management is not knowing what to do with it. But a bigger part of poor money management is not addressing our feelings and our own shortcomings related to money. Fear, lack of discipline, greed - those things aren’t related to money. That’s just us.

This is not about a car. It’s about indulging in luxuries (or not), prioritizing education for the next generation (or not), focusing on a comfortable retirement (or not). What we do, or don’t do, how we spend or don’t spend isn’t just about the money. This isn't about cars.

I need to point out that the situations described in this video have been remixed to protect the innocent.

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